A Frenchman's Take on Valentine's Day in the CityOriginating from the land of love itself, comes our very own HOA Manager, JP Alotte. Raised in Bordeaux, which just so happens to be the wine capital of France as well as a focal point of fine dining and shopping, it is safe to say that JP knows a thing or two about romance. We recently sat down with JP to get an insight on how he manages to still hold on to French traditions while living in San Francisco, his now home away from home. When asked about his restaurant of choice for authentic French cuisine, JP did not hesitate with his response of L’Ardoise Bistro. Located in the Castro district, this bistro is a hidden gem known for outstanding service, traditional dishes, and an atmosphere that is the epitome of French romance. After trying much of their menu, JP puts Coq au Vin at the top of his list. This classic chicken stew is cooked to perfection as it is braised slowly in red wine and served with mashed potatoes, bacon and pearl onions. JP’s ideal Valentine’s Day would of course include reservations here accompanied by his lovely wife, Jan. Following dinner, JP would already have a bottle of his favorite champagne, Laurent Perrier Rose, chilled and ready to be enjoyed by the time they get home. To end the night in true French fashion, nonetheless, the iconic love song known as La Vie En Rose would play in the background as the two dance the night away. A trip to France may not be possible in such short notice, but for a close second option, we recommend taking pointers from the French romantic himself.