No holiday meal is complete without a sweet surprise at the end, and pie is always a good idea. We’ve chosen some top-notch bakeries that are sure to satisfy everyone at the dinner table and add that final touch to a successful night with family and friends.

Tartine Manufactory Tartine Manufactory – An instant classic in the Mission District, Tartine Manufactory is wildly famous for their pastries and sweets, especially their ice cream pies. Filled with smooth soft serve, these ice cream pies are not to be overlooked. Grab one of their cookies and cream or famed PB&J ice cream pies — you won’t be sorry.
Wholesome Bakery Wholesome Bakery – This quaint vegan café offers delicious options for the party including pear frangipane, apple cinnamon crumble, and sweet potato pecan for those who are dairy-free. Using locally produced, organic ingredients in all their pies and pastries, Wholesome Bakery is the go-to shop for dessert that won’t weigh on your conscious. Pre-order your pie today!
Mission PieMission Pie – With the tagline of “Eat Pie, Live Forever,” Mission Pie is a straightforward pie shop, and we appreciate them for that. Serving up both sweet and savory seasonal pie flavors, the shop proudly relies on uncomplicated recipes and simple ingredients to produce some of the best pies in the city. The Apple Blackberry and Banana Cream are a must.

Lotta’s Bakery – Known for the flaky, crisp, and buttery pie crusts by owner and baker Earl Darny, Lotta’s Bakery has created a local following since its opening in 2007. If you have a little more space, be sure to specially order their Blum’s coffee crunch cake — they’re famous for it!