As part of ONE Mission Bay’s Summer Wellness Event Series, future and prospective homeowners joined us in our Sales Gallery on Thursday, August 4th for a Healthy Bites Cooking Demonstration, highlighting the unique features of our suite of Gaggenau appliances. Dishes on the menu included: Asiago Cheese Gougère , Mini BLT Crostini with Avocado and Slow Roasted Grape Tomatoes, Caramelized Onion Tarts with Niçoise Olives, Braised Duck Tacos, Mini Crab Cakes with Sauce Remoulade and Lemon Thyme Thumbprint Cookies with Fig Preserves.

The Master Behind The Menu:

Meet Larissa Taboryski, Culinary Director at Purcell Murray. Larissa spearheads client education in the kitchens at ONE Mission Bay.  “Showing people how preparing healthy delicious meals can be simple if you understand the tools you are cooking with and that extends to the tools you are cleaning with as well, learning how to use the energy efficient dishwasher is just as important. These appliances really are designed to make meal preparation much easier, but recipes don’t address the tools you are cooking with – so it’s helpful to understand the capabilities of these sophisticated appliances.”

Based on experience cooking in well-designed kitchens, Gaggenau appliances tackle issues such as appliance noise, energy efficiency and minimal heat output. Larissa Taboryski of Purcell Murray says, “Appliance noise can be an issue in smaller spaces but the decibel ratings of the Gaggenau dishwasher and refrigerator are so low they will never be heard. Energy efficiency is key and Gaggenau appliances excel in this arena. The cooling and ventilation system in the Gaggenau oven will never over-heat the kitchen or surrounding areas.”

What features should you look forward to about cooking with Gaggenau in your new kitchens at ONE Mission Bay? Larissa lists four of her favorite features:
Ease of use
Food preservation – amazing ability to keep vegetables at their peak