Mission Bay’s SPARK Social SF

What do you get when you fuse a Food Truck Park, Sangria Garden and Event Space into one convenient Mission Bay location?  Answer – A popular and exciting venue that is the talk of the neighborhood and town.  SPARK Social SF is unique and doesn’t disappoint, offering the residents of Mission Bay a variety of dining and entertainment options mere steps from ONE Mission Bay. We understand all the excitement regarding this concept, so we reached out to SPARK Social SF and asked them a few questions regarding their vision, inspiration, favorites and views of Mission Bay.

What sets SPARK apart from the crowd?

Our name captures what we are all about: sparking a conversation, a good time, and a memorable event. Along these lines, the fire pits are definitely a huge selling point. Nothing brings people together quite like gathering around a fire with some s’mores on a chilly evening. The whole space is designed around this feeling of warmth and community and we think that will come across clearly to our customers once they walk in. There are lots of smaller, more intimate sub-spaces to the park that are perfect for parties, happy hours, and celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Who else has a double decker bus that you can reserve for your birthday party? We’re proudly quirky and proudly San Francisco.

3 Favorite Happy Hour Street Cuisine pairings:

Sabor de San Miguel: I would definitely recommend that everyone try Sabor de San Miguel because their food is so unique. Everyone has had Mexican food in San Francisco, but Guatemalan food is underrepresented. Their food has serious soul, personality, and depth of flavor. They’re a must try for lunch, happy hour, or dinner. You have to try their food with the agua frescas they make, which are seriously refreshing.

Señor Sisig: is one of the most iconic trucks we work with and their food is bold and memorable. I would definitely try one of their pork burritos with an ice cold corona.

Anzu: In terms of a wild card pairing I would recommend trying Anzu to you. Their food has great layers of flavors and is above and beyond what you think of when you hear the phrase “Asian Fusion.” Their chicken yakisoba noodle bowl is super savory and satisfying and would pair well with many of the craft beers on tap at the bar.